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Nashville hardscape contractors are many in number, but they do not all offer the same services or even the same quality or competence in their service. Most hardscaping contractors will know how to install pavers, but there’s a big difference between simply installing pavers and creating a stunning, jaw-dropping, make-your-neighbors-jealous outdoor space. How do you know which contractor to hire? How can you determine the best hardscaping contractor in Nashville?

Many Nashville landscape contractors will try to sell you on the idea of planting grass seed and maintaining a sod-based outdoor space. True, grass does grow well in Nashville. But rather than thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side when you look at your neighbor’s perfect lawn, what if your lawn was the one everyone else on the block saw as the greenest, best-looking grass?
That can be achieved with artificial turf!

From eco-friendly driveways to eco-friendly patio pavers, permeability in any form of pavement allows for rainwater to flow naturally back into the soil and recharge water tables as opposed to flooding unnaturally into storm water holding areas, nearby ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams.

If you’re searching for an ecologically sustainable and affordable alternative to conventional concrete, look no further. Keep reading to learn about the various types of permeable pavers that you take your landscaping to the next level.

Installing pavers in a driveway or parking lot is a specific process, one any customer should understand well. Laying pavers has a process, an exact science to create a finished surface that will last a century or more.

In addition to being eco-friendly, permeable pavers are a sound landscaping investment that will last you a lifetime. Their impressive longevity is changing the future of the landscaping industry.

To understand permeable pavement maintenance, one must have a basic idea of how permeable pavers work. The concept is quite simple.

Permeable pavers are a sustainable substitute for asphalt that will satisfy all of your landscaping needs. You might be surprised at the various places they can be installed around your home.

TYPES OF PAVING SYSTEMS When deciding which type of paving system to use on a driveway, parking lot, commercial property, or any kind of paved surface for that matter, it is important to understand the differences in new paving technology. For years, contractors and homeowners alike had few choices. Impermeable concrete and asphalt was the

As homeowners and corporate neighbors pay attention to words and phrases such as “sustainability” and “environmentally responsible” in their landscaping designs, the conversation turns to permeable pavers.