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Our team is always excited to take on a new project and to get our mission of using eco-friendly paving solutions out there. We recently completed a project in East Nashville for a series of brand new townhomes off of Dickerson Pike. In this project, we created stylish, modernistic, even “edgy” paved walking areas and parking spaces for the townhomes. And perhaps best of all, we used permeable pavers, pavers that are specifically designed to let pass water through them and into the aggregate rock layers beneath. 

The Inspiration for the Project

Our inspiration for this project came on the coattails of other projects we’ve completed around Nashville. Nashville is experiencing a real estate boom and a strong one at that. With commercial and residential real estate developing at highest-evers all across Nashville, this is a change that will have a big effect on the local ecosystem. Primarily, it will affect stormwater runoff, which could lead to flooding. Our landscape design team is dedicated to eco-friendly practices and to conserving the ecosystem around Nashville. With that in mind, we are doing our best to install as many permeable paver parking lots and entryways that we can.

In an effort to not recreate the devastation of the flood of 2010 when the Harpeth River swelled to catastrophic levels, we are trying to change the way that Nashville paves. That’s right, we are trying to change the paving process of an entire city, by getting our permeable paving approach into as many commercial and residential lots as possible. Permeable paved areas allow for stormwater to pass through the paved surface and into the ground below, as opposed to traditional asphalt and concrete which simply directs the water to some other place. The traditional approach is what creates flooding, and that’s what we are trying to change by using permeable systems instead.

Getting Started on the “Townhome Project”

Our team of landscape architects and installation crewmen and women just completed this beautiful, custom permeable concrete paver project right here in Nashville, Tennessee. In our approach to this project, we used our favorite brand of driveway and parking lot pavers to create a fully finished and functioning commercial driveway and parking lot combo. This installation was done for the new, premier residential townhomes off of Dickerson Pike Rd. in East Nashville, Tennessee.

We work with about half a dozen of the top paving manufacturers and suppliers in the nation. On this particular project, we used Belgard pavers to complete the paving installs, mostly because no paving manufacturer tops Belgard in quality and aesthetic appeal combined. Belgard not only creates aesthetically appealing pavers, but they also have a line of pavers that are best suited for the style and modernistic flair of these new, East Nashville townhome. Can you say pavers for “tall skinnies?”

How We Did It

Not only did we use top-notch quality pavers to build the walkways, parking lot, and entry-exist areas for this property, but we also used cutting-edge installation techniques for uniformity and consistency throughout the paved areas. We even used our own specialty, machine-install technique, a method we are pioneering in Nashville to create the best-paved, most uniform paver systems possible.

In this approach, we were able to create total uniformity of a one-hundred percent identical nature, paver to paver. This look matches up very well with the modern, industrial appearance of the townhomes themselves. 

What Makes this Job Unique

Our focus is to create paved surfaces that are unique, that are easy to maintain, that serve an ecological purpose, and that are aesthetically pleasing, all wrapped up into one. When we’re walking and driving, we spend a lot of time looking down or in front of us, so why not create paved surfaces that are eco-friendly and nice to look at too?

Some of the characteristics of the newly completed project that make it unique are:

  • A machine-install for uniformity in flow, paver to paver.
  • The best available Belgard pavers for combined aesthetic design and unmatched permeability.
  • Custom selected and crafted color-matched porous pavers, tinted to match the East Nashville, “tall skinny,” industrial, town home style that this part of town is so well known for.
  • Permeability in block paving worked meticulously into both the parking spaces and walking areas for a safe surface to walk and drive on.

A Note on the Importance of Permeability at Townhomes

As this particular set of townhomes were built on a limited spur of land, there was no room for rainwater gardens or water retention ponds. This created a problem as the property could not handle its own water runoff, something that Nashville building codes demands. To create an environmentally-friendly commercial lot that reduces its own watershed load, we installed appropriate aggregate rock loads, all perfectly compacted beneath the paved surface itself.

This install allowed for immediate stormwater management below the parking lot. Few townhome developments in Nashville have a parking lot system that displaces water through the paved surface and into aggregate rock layers beneath. We are setting the bar here, and we hope that this project is the first of many.

Ready for an Amazing, Aesthetic, and Safe Permeable Paver System?

Now that the project is all finished, residents at the new townhomes will finally be able to enjoy safety and aesthetic comfort combined, wherever they walk or drive on the property. Our paving systems are the best eco-friendly approach to paving available, and our surfaces are safe to walk on even in a classic, Tennessee, downpour deluge. Tenants will never have to worry about slipping and falling again!

Are you ready to install your own eco-friendly permeable driveway, parking lot, or walking path on your own property? Not only do permeable paving systems save space for you to build and create other things, but they offer peace of mind, are safe and slip-free, and they are just beautiful to look at as well. Give us a call today to get the process started.

Learning More – The Frequently Asked Questions Section

Permeable pavers are a new technology. The permeability of the pavers is a little counterintuitive, as we don't often think of a solid like concrete or stone as being able to transfer water through itself. So permeable pavers can get a little confusing. And the fact that they are “new tech” often leaves people scratching their heads in wonderment about what will surely be the standard paving systems of tomorrow.

You can always call us at (615) 266-6360 with any questions you might have or to schedule a free estimate. But to help get some questions answered right away, we've included a brief FAQ section:

  • Where can I use permeable pavers?
  • You can use permeable pavers anywhere you would normally use a paving material. In fact, permeable pavers are even more versatile than most paving systems, as you can custom-design pavers into tight, difficult-to-access spaces. For example, we install permeable paving stones in commercial parking lots, entryways, sidewalks, driveways, and so on. But we also install permeable pavers in residential settings too, like in garden paths, decks, patios, entryways to homes, porches, driveways, etc.
  • How much weight can these pavers take?
  • We've never been able to damage a paver surface no matter what type of machine or vehicle we've driven over them. We don't recommend landing a 747 on your paver parking lot, but other than that, you will be in good shape! Permeable paving stones create an interlocking web pattern, a system which shares weight and evenly distributes it across the system.
  • When will I need to replace my paver surface?
  • Probably never! These systems last decades, and they will likely outlast their owners. Once you install permeable pavers, this is a one-time solution to all your paving needs.
  • How often do I need to perform maintenance on my paver driveway or parking lot?
  • About once every five to ten years we recommend replacing the fine-grit stone that lies in-between the individual pavers. This can be done with a heavy duty vacuum and a sturdy push broom. We also offer this as a maintenance service.
  • How does a permeable paver system compare to traditional asphalt or concrete for their cost?
  • Pervious concrete pavers are about 1.5X the cost of traditional asphalt and concrete. However, these systems last essentially forever, require minimal maintenance, and solve water runoff and stormwater drainage problems. A permeable system is an investment in an eco-friendly solution that is aesthetically pleasing and which will do its job for decades to come. Homeowners and business owners save money in the long run.

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