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Permeable Pavers Projects

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We created stylish, even edgy paved walking areas and parking spaces

Creating Eco-Friendly Permeable Paver Options for Fire Station 19

Our team is always excited to take on a new project and to get our mission of using eco-friendly paving solutions out there. We recently completed a project in East Nashville for a series of brand new townhomes off of Dickerson Pike. In this project, we created stylish, modernistic, even “edgy” paved walking areas and parking spaces for the townhomes. And perhaps best of all, we used permeable pavers, pavers that are specifically designed to let pass water through them and into the aggregate rock layers beneath.

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Cutting-edge installation techniques for uniformity and consistency

How We Did It

Not only did we use top-notch quality pavers to build the walkways, parking lot, and entry-exist areas for this property, but we also used cutting-edge installation techniques for uniformity and consistency throughout the paved areas. We even used our own specialty, machine-install technique, a method we are pioneering in Nashville to create the best-paved, most uniform paver systems possible.

In this approach, we were able to create total uniformity of a one-hundred percent identical nature, paver to paver. This look matches up very well with the modern, industrial appearance of the townhomes themselves.

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