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At Smart Scapes LLC, we are always looking for new ways to bring our techniques of eco-friendly permeable paving solutions to the Nashville community. In this project, we created an immaculate patio for our client, a crisp and pristine patio surface that matches the style of the home and property well. And this project isn't just all looks either. The patio has an eco-friendly aspect, built as it is with cutting-edge permeable pavers so as to allow the passage of water through the pavers and into the aggregate rock layers beneath.

Drainage Solutions for Your Back Yard

Large patio as walkway to garage with herringbone permeable pavers and a long retaining wall.When we think of a patio for our property or a porch or walking path, we usually consider the form, style, design, pattern, and overall flow of the project. We don’t often think of the environmental factors, the implications of paving over a section of earth, and what that will do to the local water runoff. But by using permeable pavers, we at Smart Scapes LLC are able to create effective drainage solutions for your backyard and overall property.

In this project, in particular, we designed and built a rather large outdoor patio. The patio serves as a walkway to the garage building. The patio also serves as a recreational spot, with plenty of space for tables, chairs, grills, and other outdoor furniture and decorations. The patio abuts the french doors on the back of the home, allowing for easy access into and out of the house. But the real bonus in the design of this patio, in particular, is the permeable aspect of the patio. Read on for more information on how this patio serves an ecological function as well as an aesthetic one.

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Belgard Aqualine Permeable Patio Pavers

After conversing with our clients and provding intricate designs of what our clients envisioned as their “perfect backyard patio,” our design team put together 3D imaging and blueprints for an immaculate patio design. For this particular project, our installation crews used Belgard Aqualine permeable pavers, the best in the industry for aesthetics, unique design, and permeable function.

Natural Water Drainage System

Belgard Aqualine permeable pavers come in all different shapes and sizes, offering customizability to a degree that few brands can accomplish. And given that this Belgard line of pavers are completely permeable, that allowed us to create a water drainage system within the permeable patio itself. Water will strike the patio during rainfall, seep through and between each paver, and filter through the pre-installed aggregate rock bedding layers below. In this fashion, the patio acts just as the grass nearby does, and installing this patio creates zero footprint on the local ecosystem.

Beautiful and Classic Herringbone Paver Pattern

Not only are we proud of the permeable aspect to this paving system, but the style and look of the classic Herringbone paver pattern is something to admire. This look captures a vintage, classic, almost aristocratic visage, giving the overall property a refined and crisp, clean look. 

The Herringbone paver pattern is a choice favorite amongst many of our clients, and we can see why. This style speaks of purity and a classic appeal, almost like something that you would see on the streets of London at the turn of the century. And with each paver immaculately laid with a precise gap between it and the one next to it, the surface will never retain water or create a slipping hazard, allowing our clients to walk on the patio and enjoy its classic beauty safely during all forms of weather.

Seating Walls Complementing Your Paver Patio

Seating walls are a great way to add additional seating for your outdoor patio. In this project, our clients wanted to add an “enclosing feel” to the patio, all while keeping the patio open to the air, sunlight, and surroundings. Here is where seating walls serve us best. With these immaculate, rough-hewn seating wall paver blocks, we were able to create a low wall, about two feet off the ground, which encloses the perimeter of the patio.

The seating wall not only creates a sense of space and dimension, but they actually do create a perfect place to sit and enjoy a morning coffee or tea. They are perfect for transforming the back patio into a play area for small children as well.  The seating wall also works to prevent weeds and grasses from coming in from the yard and encroaching on the patio itself.

Columns Add a Formal Appeal, Look, and Design to the Patio

An idyllic patio such as this would not be complete without columns. Rough-hewn on the sides, sanded to perfection on the top, these columns add a formal appeal, look, and design to the patio, creating visual anchor points, delineating corners, and visual boundaries for the patio. The columns truly add a special flavor to the patio, creating a three-way appeal in the combination of the patio, seating walls, and columns.

Smart Scapes LLC, Your One-Stop Call for Anything and Everything Landscaping

Retaining walls, columns, patio blocks, all worked into an eco-friendly, permeable system, this is the ideal project for our installation crews and design teams here at Smart Scapes LLC. In every project that we work on, we endeavor to utilize an environmentally conscious aspect of the project. 

For this project, we created a permeable system in and below the patio pavers themselves. In this way, rainwater of any quantity or duration will strike the patio, drain immediately through the pavers, filter through the rock layers below, and recharge underground water sources, just as nature intended.  Using this approach allows us to create beautiful patios like this one that have zero influence on the watershed factors of the properties that we work on.  From Mother Nature’s perspective, this patio will function exactly as natural grass sod would have, and that’s something that we can all be proud of.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Permeable Hardscapes

When people ask, “Who is the best hardscape contractor in Nashville?” we here at Smart Scapes LLC hope to answer that call, every time. And in every project that we work on, we endeavor to utilize an environmentally conscious aspect in the project, in addition to our attention to detail and craftsmanship excellence.

If you are ready to take the next step in your permeable patio dream, call Smart Scapes LLC today at (615) 266-6360 or visit our website at Or if you have more questions, check out our FAQ below.

Permeable pavers are not a new technology, per se, but they are being newly used in growing popularity all across the U.S. for a variety of reasons. As the premier contractor for permeable pavers in middle Tennessee, we get a lot of questions about permeable pavers. We've included some of these questions below and their answers:

  • Where can I use permeable pavers?
  • Just about anywhere. As long as it is not a high-speed roadway or a steeply-graded roadway, permeable pavers can be used on patios, porches, driveways, walking paths, sidewalks, parking lots, alleyways, and low-speed roads.
  • How do I maintain permeable pavers?
  • Permeable pavers require very little maintenance. An occasional cleaning with a sweeper and vacuum, then brooming fresh ultra-fine #57 crushed rock gravel into the voids between the pavers is all that's needed, and even this is only needed once every few years.
  • Are pavers costly?
  • Compared to traditional asphalt, permeable pavers come at a higher price-point, but these systems also last much longer. In fact, an expert-installed permeable system will likely outlast its owner. Also, with pavers, you don't have to worry about water runoff in the paved areas, another cost-saver in the long run.
  • Can permeable pavers handle heavy loads?
  • Absolutely. The interlocking system of a permeable-paved surface allows for heavy-load displacement.

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