Top Five Most Prominent Manufacturers of Permeable Pavers

Knowing which manufacturer of paving systems to choose from for any given project will make a difference in the end result. Companies that specialize in hardscapes will design and build pavers to their own specifications. Each company holds true to their own unique styles. Every hardscape company is known for doing things a little differently, for taking pride in their own niche market, and for offering products that are unique to that company. Contractors need to know who the leading manufacturers are, what types of pavers they make, what their main focus in paving materials is, and what their standards are.

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On our site, we take the guesswork out of choosing which permeable paver manufacturer is best for the job. We work with several, top manufacturers of permeable paving products, and we know exactly which company to utilize for the best end result on every individual project, every single time. Here are the manufacturers we use:

Belgard Hardscapes

Belgard, as a company, has been in business since 1955. Belgard makes innovative and intuitive paving solutions that lead the industry in hardscape design, all with the intention of helping customers make great memories outdoors. Belgard staff spend more than twenty-thousand hours a year in research and development alone, all to hold the position of leadership in the growing technology of hardscapes. 

Belgard has some of the best, most efficient, and most aesthetic permeable pavers to offer. Their products can be used for both commercial and residential settings. Belgard Hardscapes creates permeable interlocking concrete pavers that can mimic the natural way that land absorbs water, creating maximum transference of stormwater through the paving system, through the ground, and into underground aquifers as nature intended. Belgard paving products are widely considered the most innovative and “high tech” in the industry. 

Red River Hardscapes

Red River PaversAnother leading name in permeable pavers is Red River Hardscapes. Red River paving products are known for being virtually maintenance-free and for lasting a lifetime. Red River offers great variety in their product line too, from driveways to patios, parking lots to walkways, columns to fireplaces, their paving stones can be used for just about anything. 

Red River Hardscapes is local to the Southeast, and is probably best known for their larger scale, four-piece “Cambria Pavers” paving system. The system essentially consists of larger, square pavers that are themselves made up of smaller, square and rectangular pavers. The Cambria Pavers system is a sight to behold and offers endless options for customization and design. Red River paving products are loved by many for their locally owned, operated, and manufactured aspects. All Red River products are made right here in the United States and from locally sourced materials as well.


Image of how the PaveDrain Arch enables maximum drain.PaveDrain is a unique manufacturer of permeable pavers that focuses on their special, “Permeable, Articulating Concrete Block” paver system. Their pavers utilize arch technology (essentially creating a paver that is arched on its underside yet flat on the top) to maximize on-site stormwater capacity while also creating a paving system that can withstand extremely heavy loads. The patented arch reservoir underneath each PaveDrain paver allows for maximum water seepage while also making for a stronger, more durable paver. The interlocking mechanism at the ends of each paver allows for perfect linkage to other pavers, creating a network of interlocking, strong, and efficient permeable pavers.

One of the benefits of PaveDrain systems is that they can be installed with conventional construction equipment as opposed to needing installation-by-hand. This cuts down on installation costs and makes PaveDrain pavers a good choice for larger, commercial projects. The pavers provide an ideal, vertical path for water to seep through, and are rated for the highest of stormwater filtration capabilities. PaveDrain products are considered the most efficient products on the market for the highest rainfall and the heaviest of potential loads.


Founded over forty years ago, Unilock was based on the concept that advanced, sensible paving systems already being used in Europe could flourish here in the States. Unilock set the bar in the 1970s for the quality of pavers used on large-scale commercial properties. Unilock provides high-quality pavers to this day to homeowners, contractors, landscape designers, and architects alike. 

Unilock prides itself in having something for everyone, from the smallest, residential project to tens of thousands of square feet in commercial projects, Unilock has a product (and a price point) to fit all needs. Unilock offers a Standard Thrumix, an Enduracolor Facemix, and an Enduracolor Enhanced Facemix to present a wide range of styles in paving products. The “Facemix and Thrumix” line that is patented by Unilock is a special type of paver that has dyed aggregates mixed into the paving compound when the pavers are made. In this way, the special additives help the pavers to retain their original color and luster for decades as opposed to fading with wear like most pavers do. Unilock makes their paving products with bases of coarser aggregates for a strong foundation, mixed in with concentrated color and wear-resistant, finer aggregates towards the top of the paver. Unilock paving products are often considered the most timeless of paving materials.

Pavestone Company

Pavestone Company was founded in 1980. The company manufactures concrete, segmented products, varied in style, shape, color, and texture to meet any paving need. Pavestone pavers can be utilized for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Pavestone is also able to provide paving products for vertical retaining walls in addition to concrete, ground-level, horizontal paving products. 

Pavestone closely monitors industry trends and changes, keeping an eye on where the market is headed and what products are being used for which projects. Pavestone evolves and circulates their product lines depending on demand, ensuring that Pavestone’s unmatched inventory will always have exactly what the customer is looking for. Whether customers and contractors are looking for an aesthetically-driven product like Pavestone’s Large-Format Slabs, (larger pavers that make a project quick and more affordable) or whether customers and contractors need the top-line products for permeability, Pavestone has products to meet that need. Pavestone is proud to lead the industry in its variety of materials to offer the marketplace.

Competent Permeable Paver Manufacturers

The above, top five manufacturers of permeable pavers lead the industry in their own, unique ways, and we have determined how best to utilize each of them in our various customers' needs. These companies offer excellent quality products that excel in the settings they are best intended for, settings we come across every week.

When approaching a commercial or residential permeable paving project, contractors and real estate developers need to use the best, quality products to achieve the most beautiful and the most efficient end result for that particular project. We can help in not only immaculate permeable paver planning and installation, but we can use our know-how of the industry to select the best manufacturer for the job.

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Ready to Learn More About Permeable Pavers? - The FAQ

When people ask, “Who installs pavers in Nashville?” or, “Who is the best hardscaping contractor in Nashville?” we want our group to come to mind as the number one team for paver design and installation. Intrigued? Ready to learn more? Check out our brief FAQ section below. Or if you're ready to move forward with your own hardscapes masterpiece, call us at (615) 266-6360 to speak with our friendly staff.

  • How long do permeable pavers last?
  • Essentially forever. A permeable paver system is extremely durable. When a permeable paver patio, driveway, parking lot, outdoor dining area, or walking path is installed with skill, expert design, and when quality materials are used, a permeable paver system will likely outlast its owner.
  • Since permeable pavers are porous, does that make them weaker than slab concrete, poured asphalt, or flagstones?
  • Not at all. Permeable pavers are made in an interlocking manner. Much like a spider’s web, there is an intertwinement factor in a permeable paving system, with each paver being interconnected to the ones next to it. This allows for a degree of flex within the system, preventing cracking, crumbling, and other damage even under very heavy loads.
  • How are permeable pavers an “investment?”
  • Permeable pavers have the added feature of diverting water through the paved surface and into the ground beneath, just as nature intended. No more costly purchases directed towards addressing water runoff on your property, no more rain gardens, water retention ponds, or hazardous water pooling and flooding. When rain strikes a permeable paver surface, the water goes through it. It does not run off of it.
  • Where can I use permeable pavers?
  • Anywhere! We have customers who request permeable paver surfaces for driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, patios, decks, porches, garden paths, etc.
  • Do permeable pavers require maintenance?
  • Very little maintenance. Perhaps once every five to ten years (depending on rainfall in your area) replace the fine gravel that rests in the cracks between each paver. This will keep the paver system in top notch condition and will continue to allow it to transfer water through the system rapidly.

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