Why Permeable Pavers are a Great Investment for Commercial Construction

Permeable paving systems offer the best “bang for the buck” in virtually all commercial building scenarios. Permeable pavement, whether in the form of permeable pavers, pervious asphalt, or porous concrete, allows water seepage through the pavement and into the soil beneath it. A permeable paving system takes care of a property’s water runoff requirements, filtering water runoff through the paving system and into the ground, just as nature intended.

Stormwater Management Using Pervious Concrete Best for Commercial Construction

When a large area of land is developed, and “built up” so to speak, millions of tons of concrete are put down over the soil, preventing rainwater from seeping into the soil as it is supposed to. When stormwater can’t go into the soil, it floods across the concrete surface and overflows storm drains. The water overpowers man-made stormwater management systems. It bogs down rain gardens and overfills water retention ponds. Rather than fighting stormwater as we have done for so long, it would be better to use permeable paving systems and to simply allow for the storm water to go where it was intended, i.e. into the ground.

Permeable paving systems bring us back to the natural form of water drainage. Water is supposed to seep back into the soil, and permeable pavers, concretes, and asphalts accomplish just that. From a water runoff perspective, it is as if there was nothing there and the rainwater was easily seeping into the soil naturally.

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Permeable Paving Systems are a Clear “Two Birds with one Stone” Investment for Commercial Construction Companies

Permeable pavers and pavements used on commercial building sites take care of a property’s water runoff while also creating much-needed parking space, walking space, and usable surfaces. The real bang for the buck in using permeable pavements on commercial properties is it accomplishes two functions at once: 

  • Developers and builders can put permeable pavers or pavement down for a parking lot, for sidewalks, for pathways, for a driveway or entryway, etc. Any commercial site would have needed these surfaces regardless, so this is the first function served by permeable paving systems. 
  • The added bonus and second function with our permeable systems, however, is that such pavements and pavers automatically pass water runoff through the paved material, eliminating the need for other water runoff solutions. Every commercial property is responsible for its own water runoff, and using permeable surfaces reduces water runoff significantly. This allows contractors to focus on the building project itself.

Pervious Pavers and Permeable Pavement Ideal for Commercial Contractors

Contractors can sell all the work they can possibly deliver when it comes to permeable pavers. Permeable paving systems have been a huge hit in the U.K., Europe, and Canada, and they are now taking off in the U.S. When contractors can install pavers on tricky sites, promise a longer-lasting process, and ensure that pavers will look better and be a far wiser investment for customers, contractors will gain far more business than the contractors who stick to outdated, traditional asphalt driveways and paving systems. 

Permeable pavers offer better “functionality” and are “eco-friendly,” which are definitive buzzwords in 21st century America. Permeable pavers can also be designed site-specific, unlike asphalt and concrete which is a “pour and go” approach. Flow controls can be integrated into permeable pavers for ultimate infiltration and stormwater management, and permeable pavers can even handle heavy traffic. Permeable pavers are the future for both residential and commercial paving systems and contractors should be privy to that.

Permeable Pavements are Almost Maintenance-Free

Permeable paving systems are the first choice for many contractors, builders, and developers because they require very little maintenance. Such systems only need to be maintained about once every five to ten years or so, depending on average rain levels in that geographic area. Furthermore, the permeable paver installation company that installed the pavers or pavements in the first place will have special tools and several-man crews that can accomplish maintenance tasks in a matter of a few hours or days at the most. 

While permeable pavement crews are doing maintenance, the crews can repair any cracked pavers or pavements, replace damaged pavers, and spruce up the system in general. This is a quick and affordable maintenance task that does not need to happen often. Permeable pavers are a top pick for contractors because they are easy to maintain, it is easy to replace pieces if they do get damaged, and such systems only have to be installed once.

Permeable Concrete Creates a Larger Building Apron Per Parcel

Porous pavers and permeable concrete perform a remarkable service for commercial building contractors. The investment benefit of such products is that the use of permeable pavements creates a larger building potential. This has almost unlimited benefits for building contractors.

When a developer or builder approaches a building site to design and construct a building, they must think with their water runoff responsibilities. Every commercial lot is responsible for its own water runoff. This is why water retention ponds and rain gardens are so common on larger commercial sites. However, water retention ponds and rain gardens are known for taking up a lot of space and constricting a building site considerably. Water retention ponds and rain gardens also require a great degree of maintenance and regular attention. Permeable pavers and porous asphalts do not. 

When contractors build permeable lots and driveways, they get more space on their building lot for the actual building itself. They will not have to build water retention ponds or rain gardens. They can fit a larger building on a smaller real estate parcel. This creates a larger top end on the building project. In fact, permeable pavers pay for themselves and then some in the larger building that can now be constructed on a smaller, more affordable piece of land.

The Best Choice in Paving Solutions

Not only are permeable pavements the highest level of technology and excellence in paving for the customers who get to enjoy them, they are the best investment for contractors to improve their top end. The use of permeable pavers, concretes, and asphalts is growing in popularity in the U.S. for these reasons and for others. It’s safe to say that the permeable solution is here to stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to move forward in utilizing permeable pavers for your next construction project? When contractors ask, “Who is the best landscaping contractor in Nashville?” or “Who is the best hardscaping contractor in Nashville?” our team at Smart Scapes LLC intends to answer that call, every time. Our design crew is able to use advanced, 3D computer technology to render custom designs and drawings for permeable paving systems, complete with landscaping. Our installation crews are fast and efficient, and their attention to detail is excellence bar none.

For more information, call our direct line at (615) 266-6360 to speak with our staff. For a quick look at some commonly asked questions and their answers, take a look at our FAQ below:

  • How long does it take to complete a full permeable paving job?
  • That depends on the size and complexity of the job, but our teams at Smart Scapes LLC try to coordinate our designers and our crews to appropriate more workers for larger projects. Our goal is never to take more than 1-2.5 weeks on any given project, no matter the size.
  • How long will a new permeable system last?
  • Almost indefinitely. Permeable pavers have a much longer lifespan than traditional asphalt and concrete. Most permeable paver driveways, walking paths, parking lots, and patios, as long as they are well-maintained, will outlast their owners.
  • Why do permeable pavers work for large, commercial buildings?
  • Not only do permeable pavers provide an aesthetic, almost exclusive feel to them, but they are infinitely customizable. Imagine developing and selling a commercial property that has a unique paving system unlike anything else in Nashville. They are quite the selling point. Furthermore, such paving systems are eco-friendly and they fully address stormwater and rainwater. With permeable paver systems, large, commercial buildings do not have to worry

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