Adding Aesthetics and Enjoyment to Any Backyard with a Permeable Paver Patio

We all want to have the most beautiful, cleanest, most welcoming and inviting backyard on the block, especially when we live in a beautiful region like the Middle South. Our summers are long, and our winters are mild, so we get a lot of sunny, pleasant days that make for excellent times spent outside.

The best way to ensure that the entire family gets together and spends time outdoors rather than in is to have a welcoming patio installed in the backyard, a patio where kids can play in the afternoon and adults can converse in the evening. Except for the house itself, the patio is really the focal point of any property, so it's essential to have an efficient, aesthetic, well-designed and installed patio.

Enter in the permeable patio technology that Permeable Pavers Inc. offers to all of their clients and all of a sudden; your patio is an eco-friendly addition to your property.

What a Permeable Concrete Patio Looks Like

Permeable concrete, usually available in the form of individual, porous block paving stones, is a particular type of paving material that allows water to travel through the paver. In this recent project, for example, our paving designers and paver installers created a permeable paver patio that will direct water through the patio and into the ground beneath, just as nature intended.

In doing so, the patio appears (to Mother Nature at least) as though nothing were there. Rather than being a solid barrier between the rain and the earth, the pervious pavement-nature of the pavers allows the passage of water immediately through the pavers and into the soil. In this way, water strikes the pavers, trickles down through them and between them, filters through pre-installed aggregate rock layers beneath, and finally comes to rest in the soil, eventually recharging underground aquifers.

Permeable pavers are a brilliant solution to not only creating aesthetic yard features and unique patio designs but also to giving us patios that have zero negative impact on the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about permeable pavers? Wondering how permeable pavers work? Read on to our FAQ below, or call our office at (615) 266-6360:

  • How long do permeable pavers last for?
  • Permeable pavers last almost forever. They are usually rated for 50 years with minimal replacements of the individual paving stones. But they can last even longer than that, primarily if you perform permeable paver maintenance on them once every 5-10 years.
  • How much do permeable pavers cost?
  • On average, the cost for permeable pavers runs about 1.5X the price of traditional paving systems such as poured concrete or asphalt. However, permeable pavers are an investment, and since they last virtually forever, they pay for themselves overtime. That's because homeowners and business owners do not have to pay for new pours of concrete or asphalt, as they would if they went with a traditional paving system instead of permeable pavers.
  • How do I know which paver to use?
  • The best brands to choose from for quality, consistency, durability, and maximum permeability are Belgard Aquabric, Pavestone, PaveDrain, Unilock, and Aqualine. We can get special pricing on these paver lines, so be sure to call our office at (615) 266-6360 to get more information.
  • Are concrete grass pavers effective?
  • Yes. Concrete grass pavers are effective and they function sort of like a hybrid between pavers and natural sod. We use them often, and they are particularly useful in individual driveways and parking lots.

Choosing the Right Permeable Paver Contractor

Are you searching for the best paving contractor? Are you typing, "Paving contractor near me" or, "Who lays pavers near me?" or, "Five-star paving contractor" or, "Best paving installation"? Permeable Pavers Inc. has your back. Take advantage of our summer specials to finally get the patio of your dreams, and to get it on the eco-friendly side with our signature pervious paving technology. To schedule a free estimate, call our office at (615) 266-6360.

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