Creating Permeable Paving Solutions to Floodwater Control

Smart Scapes LLC completed yet another permeable, eco-friendly paving project here in Nashville, Tennessee. In this project, our customers were struggling with a backyard that regularly flooded and created problems for them. Water leaked into the screened-in porch. Water collected against the foundation. Water leaked through the crawlspace. Water was getting everywhere, and that was very problematic.

Our hardscape designers were able to design a permeable paver system that would transfer water immediately through the pavers. The water would travel down into and through several layers of crushed aggregate stone, and finally the water would disperse into the soil bed beneath. Water no longer accumulated up against the house; instead, it drained immediately through the beautiful pavers and into the ground below, just as nature intended.

Why Permeable Pavers?

Given Nashville's propensity to flood and endure major downpour deluges of rain, permeable pavers are the perfect local solution to create an eco-paved surface. This is a surface that does not produce water runoff and which instead directs water immediately into the ground below.

Permeable paving systems are eco-friendly because they do not create the types of harm to the environment than traditional pavements, asphalts, and concretes do. Those pavements create significant water runoff during a rainstorm. Such water runoff causes erosion, overpowers storm drains, and overflows local lakes, streams, and rivers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Permeable Pavers

Curious as to how permeable pavers work? Are you wondering what makes permeable paving systems special? Interested in this technology and want to learn more? Take a look at our brief FAQ section below for more information.

And don't forget you can always feel free to call our office! We can be reached at (615) 266-6360 . One of our staff will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have. 

  • How do permeable pavers work?
  • Permeable pavers are not solid-poured concrete or slate rock. They allow water to pass through them and alongside them, sending the water back into the ground, just as Mother Nature intended.
  • How much weight can permeable pavers withstand?
  • We have yet to find an object too heavy for a permeable-paved surface. Permeable pavers are made in an interlocking web pattern, so when weight settles upon such a system, the load is shared among dozens of nearby pavers.
  • Where can I use permeable pavers?
  • Anywhere you can pave, you can use permeable pavers. Parking lots, driveways, entryways, patios, decks, porches, outdoor break areas, all of these are great candidates for permeable pavers.
  • How much do permeable pavers cost?
  • The average cost runs about 1.5X the cost of traditional asphalt and concrete, but pavers last much longer and require far less maintenance, saving you money in the long run.
  • How long do permeable pavers last?
  • Essentially indefinitely. These systems are built to outlast their owners.
  • What kind of permeable pavers should I use?
  • There are many paving brands to pick from, and we can help you decide on a brand. We work with leading names in paving, name brands like Pavestone, Aqualine, PaveDrain, Belgard AquaBric, etc.
  • Who is the best paving contractor in Nashville?
  • You could say we have a bit of home bias. Given our production record, our completed projects, and our hundreds of happy clients, Smart Scapes LLC is the best paving contractor in Nashville!

Why Choose Smart Scapes LLC?

But people do want to know why Smart Scapes LLC is the best paving contractor in Nashville. Our dedication to creating works of art with pavers and hardscapes is the distinguishing factor that sets us apart. We are artisans with our craft, from our ingenuity in hardscape design and paving architecture to our attention to detail in installation.

Searching Google for "Paving contractor near me" or, "Who lays pavers in Nashville?" or, "Best paving practices" or, "How to lay pavers"? Let Smart Scapes take over and help you complete your summertime paving project. We will help you with the design process, the installation, and the testing phase and follow-up. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, call our office at (615) 266-6360 LAND.

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